Homemade Tomato Sauce

I’ve never created my own tomato sauce… until now.
Lately I’ve been craving fall.

I swear I can smell the leaves...


I want to breathe in the crisp air, pick apples from trees in a family-filled orchard,
and sip pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks.
By the way, how cool is this:
 I’m also just too excited to wear sweatshirts – this is likely because I have two new hoodies  from two fabulous people! One representing my new school beginning this fall…


And the other, representing my spectating activity as a supportive girlfriend for the fall…    



Autumn… please come soon.    

So, along with my fall cravings came a desire for spaghetti squash complete w/ tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella. I dragged my boyfriend to Basil Bandwagon, a great health food store, where I found spaghetti squash. Later in the day we went to Miguel’s (my boyfriend) parents’ house, and they stocked us him up w/ fresh veggies from the garden. While Miguel was at work, I proceeded to steal lovingly take the goodies to give them a new home — MINE!    

I’ve always wanted to make my own tomato sauce and had done some research on this topic in the past. While prepping my ingredients for the sauce, my internet wasn’t working well, so I decided to work without any sort of recipe guidance — my favorite way to do things :). Afterwards, I did ask my mother (a gourmet cooking instructor) if my technique passed her test. She gave me the thumbs up (via cellphone).    


Toby, my sister's boyfriend's dog who I am petsitting


King, chomping on his new bone


Bru, our neighbor and King's best friend


Now… for the vegetables! I started with a bag of tomatoes. A few were large, but most were medium and baby size. I remembered that I needed to score the bottoms of the tomatoes with an “X”, so I could easily peel off the skin. So, I proceeded to score…    

Scored tomatoes


I apologize for the poor photo quality. As a new blogger, I’ve not quite mastered the camera for blogging purposes. I’m considering stealing my sister’s fancy schmancy camera since she doesn’t use it. She’ll never know!    

Back to important matters… I then blanched the tomatoes for a few seconds (about 30) in boiled water. This step will make for peeling the thin skins off the tomatoes an easy process.    

Blanched tomatoes


Post blanching, the tomatoes were placed in ice cold water just long enough for them to cool for handling. I then went peel happy and threw the tomatoes in a pot in which I was already sauteeing onions and fresh peppers.    

Icey cold tomatoes


Naked tomato


Onions & peppers


Onions, peppers and tomatoes


 While allowing the onions, peppers and tomatoes to simmer and break down, I chopped up some fresh zucchini from the garden and added it to the mix. I also threw in some shredded carrots and the remainder of the last head of garlic that I had hanging around. I’m going away for a few nights, and I wanted to assure that veggies wouldn’t be wasting away in my fridge – absolute crime.    

Once all the ingredients (including seasonings: basil and oregano) had a chance to meld together, I started to blend w/ a hand blender given to me by my dear mother:    



The finished product:    

The finished product


After tasting my first bite, the flavor was a little bitter, although good all around. To balance this out, I added about a tsp or two of agave syrup and a little bit of organic tomato paste. Perfecto! My first attempt at tomato sauce (which turned into a veggie sauce)… a success!    

Now, for the mess…    

Clean up time


Any insight you may have regarding your favorite way to cook tomato sauce or special ingredients you use would be greatly appreciated. The most inspirational thing about the blog world is learning from others!    

As Laura and I like to close our e-mails to each other…    

Clean kisses  – xoxo – Natalie    


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  1. Hilary

    Mmmm fall….I can’t wait either! Is this what you worked so hard on last night? I should have tasted some but just said you had soup! Let’s do autumny things this weekend!

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