Simply Yoga: Week 1

It was a rainy, chilly Sunday morning. And I was thrilled! What better way to start an 8 week beginner yoga workshop than inside a cozy studio?

I’ve taken quite a few yoga classes in the past, including semi-private classes in someone’s home years ago as a remedy to help me deal with stress issues. At that time I had difficulty taking the concept of yoga seriously, but I did learn how to breathe into my stomach. You breathe into your lungs, you say? Well, I do too silly ;). In yoga there is a practice of distending the stomach through your breath in order to create further flow with the movement. This form of breathing is actually the way I breathe on a daily basis, as it helps tremendously in dealing with stress, which I happen to carry in my stomach. I have genetics to thank for that one. Gracias mamacita ;).

My friend Laura told me she was taking an 8 week beginner yoga workshop. While it sounded like an exciting opportunity, I felt that maybe yoga 102 would be a better option for me, but I decided to sign on with Laura anyway, in the spirit of simply fit. simply clean. simply experience. After reading a little more about the class, it was evident that this may be somewhat of a review for me, but a valuable learning experience as well. When going to group fitness classes at commercial gyms, the focus isn’t necessarily on the exact movement, but rather the muscle in the workout. After attending week 1 of beginner yoga, I already have a new, enlightened frame of mind and a deeper respect for the practice.

Highlights to share:

  • There are eight “limbs” of yoga. During this workshop, we will focus on two most heavily: asana (Sanskrit for “postures”) and pranayama (Sanskrit for breathing)
  • Yoga is exceedingly healthy for the body – it helps individuals with various issues pertaining to the mind and body
  • Your everyday breath is called your centering breath, which is about focusing on relaxation
  • Beginner asanas from which to build: cat, cow, downward dog and legs-up-the-wall pose

I encourage anyone who may think that yoga is not a challenging enough workout (cough, cough –> me) or too “out there”, to re-direct your focus and give this practice a try. After attending a few classes outlining the purpose, benefits and basic postures of yoga, feel free to send me a thank you comment ;).

While I still have just a basic knowledge of all that yoga can do for the mind and body, I’m so excited to thoroughly learn the beginnings of yoga, so I feel comfortable in building upon a solid foundation as I pursue further training.



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9 responses to “Simply Yoga: Week 1

  1. ZZ Bean

    I see my shirt. Looks adorable! Keep doing amazing work.

  2. It looks like you’ve found a great studio! What fun! I used to think yoga was a wuss workout too until I tried bikram. The hardest hour and a half of my life;)

    • I found a good one that’s close to me, but when I visit my sis in Philly, I’ll be hitting up the one on Sansom that you recommended. Thanks again! Sooo looking forward to Bikram. I’ll probably be asking you for advice prior to my first class ;).

  3. i have NEVER tried yoga. i need to! it looks like such a great stress reliever and workout.. i wish i could find a workshop like that!

    your mom is gorg!

    • You must try it! I think you’ll enjoy it — it takes a few classes to really get into it. No studios near you?

      I wish my mom would have passed on her clear skin to me! Thank you! And happy birthday to your mother :). I really enjoyed her post while you were on your honeymoon.

  4. I love yoga but I don’t do it enough. I recently took a few classes at a studio and just loved it. Although I never thought of myself as a fan of bikram yoga, I might try it just to try it.

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