Simply Celebrate

It’s that time of year. The Mama’s birthday!

For our birthdays, my mom makes whatever we desire for dinner. For her birthday we take her out to eat (unlike Janetha’s awesome birthday dinner for her madre). We’re lame. At least the restaurant was gorgeous:

Notice the death stares. The sisters are still acclimating to my incessant picture taking.

Check out this stunning family (and Miguel sporting his black eye – not so stunning):

Drumroll please! The star of the party:

This restaurant was beautiful, the food options were enticing and the meals were plated nicely. I must say, I was so excited for this dinner. We were patronizing a farm-to-table restaurant, which supports the environment through its own garden and purchasing locally grown food.

Stunning setting:

And these goofs:

Appetizers included outstanding kalamata olive bread and homemade herb crackers, as well a mix of salads and Miguel’s steak tartare. Told you he was steak-obsessed.

Moving on to dinner:

Sometimes pictures are simply better than words.

Gifts were opened:

A candle was extinguished:

And, you guessed it, dessert was devoured…

After the bill was paid and the valet was summoned (really… it’s that kind of place), we returned home for a little dog-on-dog action. Playtime, folks, playtime.

Riley, and Miguel’s pup, Chico:


Delicious food, beautiful views, a happy family and playful pups.

Now, that’s what I call a simple celebration.


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5 responses to “Simply Celebrate

  1. simple celebrations are the best! this one looks absolutely perfect!

  2. Looks like a fun dinner! Happy birthday to you mom!
    Those pizzas look so delicious. The one with the egg is so diffferent, bet it was tasty though. Love trying new foods.

  3. wow – what a GORGEOUS location! And all the food looks amazing!

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