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Yoga Class Delinquent

Much needed getaway from the daily routine? Check.

Yoga class delinquent? Check.

I skipped my beginner yoga class. Again. Before you start to scold me for being a bad yoga child, see below.

Totally worth missing two out of four weeks of my eight week beginner yoga series? Check.

Beautiful view of the Annapolis harbor? Almost as healing as yoga itself.

Miguel and I wandered around town to take in the sights while visiting his brother, sister-in-law and their brand new baby.

Just my luck, a farmers’ market…

…and a Starbucks in a historic building. So cool. Perfect on this overcast autumn day which was just crisp enough to be comfortable in a light jacket.

We then stumbled upon an arts and crafts show where Miguel purchased his favorite drink as of late (Thai iced tea) and I found my sister the perfect Christmas gift. It’s a shame Miguel broke it after smacking the bag against a parking meter. Thanks again for carrying my bags, babe :).

I may have to re-gift from last year. Or steal from Miguel’s wallet. I’ll sleep on it.

After perusing and purchasing, we walked back down Main St. and spent at least a half hour in a hilarious speciality store. I really would like to post pics of the items I bought, but each person I bought them for reads this blog. Darn them for supporting me and my ramblings! Post shopping, Migs and I stopped to try a goodie at Nostalgia Cupcakes. I am on a serious mission to find a better cupcake than I’ve had at what used to be a local bakery, Susie’s Mixing Bowl. The owner of Susie’s up and left us because her husband (Mr. Susie) relocated for work. I still curse the day her baked goods disappeared from our neighborhood. I wonder if she’d be willing to divorce and return to the east coast. Hmmmm… I’ll sleep on it.

Note: I swear I’m not a horrible person. I just really like good cake. Okay, frosting too.

Back to Nostalgia Cupcakes. Good cupcakes. Not great cupcakes. I’m spoiled.

This is Miguel telling me to take a picture of the cupcake and not him. He thinks my blog friends are sick of seeing his face. I think you all are willing to put up with pics of the Peruvian. He is a partner in my adventures after all!

Wow, I took a lot of pictures of cupcakes. Miguel ordered a key lime cupcake while I ordered the “vegan” cupcake. Apparently “vegan” is a flavor now. I suggest you all demand this flavor at your next bakery stop. Delish. And even the savage carnivore didn’t have a clue it wasn’t stuffed with animal products. Impressive. 

Any of my Philly, New York or East Coast friends have any cupcake recommendations? I’m eager to try some new fabulous cupcakeries that will live up to my ridiculously high standards. Boy, does that sound intimidating. Any brave souls? 😉


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It’s School Time!

I’ve grown to love Tuesdays. My Social Work Practice and Diversity & Oppression courses have officially earned my interest. I certainly didn’t think that I would be looking forward to my 12:05-8:45pm class day (commute time not included). So happy I’ve changed my tune :).

Though, one challenge I’m still attempting to master is the healthy snack balance. Boy can I appreciate all those healthy school lunches prepared for me while growing up (thanks Mom!). I have little time in my schedule now to plan meals and snacks, let alone cook/bake ahead, which is something I used to do on an almost daily basis. I’m looking forward to finding a healthy balance between school, work, my [brand new] internship, finding/applying/interviewing for new jobs, studying/homework, workouts (what are those?) and family and friends. Phew. Thank goodness I never wanted to have children young, or I’d have broken down and been institutionalized by my professors due to anxiety by now :).

Here’s a review of the snacks that have kept my belly full and my brain fueled to focus on learning about generalist practice, the quadrant model and white privilege. (There’s a test at the end…)

After a hearty breakfast, I get on the road around 11:00am to head to class. On my way to class last week, I snacked on roasted chickpeas and a locally made granola bar. By the time I got to school, it was 12:00ish, and I wasn’t done until close to 3:00pm.

Live in your car much, Nat?

After class I snacked on a fresh peach from a local farm on my way to the local mall where I do work while eating lunch. I hangout there until I leave to return to school to fight for a parking spot and hopefully make it to my evening class on time.

Hmmm. A little foreshadowing, perhaps?

Chipotle makes me happy. I typically order either the vegetarian bowl or vegetarian salad. Lately, I’ve been switching between the two. Below you will see the vegetarian bowl. Feast your eyes…

Made up of all kinds of goodness: romaine lettuce, black beans, mild salsa, grilled peppers and onions and guacamole. Y-U-M. After satisfying the hunger beast, I head to (you guessed it!) Starbucks to grab a coffee for class. One venti soy latte w/ one pump of pumpkin spice coming right up!

I needed that! This coffee is so filling; it lasts me through my 6:00-8:45pm class until I get home around 9:40pm. I then scrounge up a small snack (or finish my Chipotle if I’m famished) and head to bed to dream about what tomorrow will bring. Lately, I never know. Let’s hope it’s more blogging and less stressful changes that I’m attempting to take in stride.

Take in stride? You better believe my boyfriend and family just busted out laughing.

What are your healthy go-to snacks? I’d love to mix things up :).


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