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Welcome to simply fit. simply clean. I’m thrilled you’ve stopped by!   

Birthday Celebration 🙂

My name is Natalie and I’m a mid-20 something from NJ, live in PA, and will be moving back to NJ shortly. I work as a Case Manager for a nonprofit agency, connecting women to resources in the community. Currently, I am also doing part-time work for my old college professors, which entails bringing higher education to women in prisons. I have returned to school to complete my Masters in Social Work (MSW). That will only take two years :). Ultimately, I would like to own a small private counseling practice and work with women and girls in dealing with self-esteem issues. While this issue is fairly specific, I believe so much of how we deal with things in this world boils down to self esteem, self worth and self confidence. Hence my passion for fueling my body with healthy, whole foods and working out on a regular basis. When I know I’m taking care of my body and aware of my needs, I feel my best. Quick mention here of Operation Beautiful. Please take a moment to be inspired by this wonderful movement. Also, please visit: Faces of Beauty to appreciate and consider your own self worth.     


My mother is a gourmet cooking school instructor (she also owns the cooking school), so my sisters and I grew up eating wonderful, fabulous, healthy, whole foods.           

Mi Madre

My oldest sister loves to complain that when she was young there was never an ounce of junk food in the home, and she was the weird one at school with wheat germ in her sandwiches. We’re going back 30 or so years here. As time went on, my mother allowed a little bit of junk food in the home, but very little indeed. If I wanted Cheez Its or Quaker Oat Granola Bars, you better believe I was headed over to my best friend Laura’s house to wolf those down. I’m surprised Laura didn’t tell her mom to put a lock on their cabinets!   

Laura - the owner of the home I used to raid - also a clean eater!

I’ve always been interested in and had a respect for healthy eating and generally tried to be a healthy eater. I’m lucky enough to grow up knowing different cooking techniques and various foods, and having the ultimate food reference: my mom! Through life’s ups and downs I’ve finally grown to be comfortable with myself and this is, in part, through the foods with which I choose to fuel my body and the workouts to which I’ve dedicated myself.           

While in the midst of continuing MSW classes, I also have on hand personal training books to study for my certification.       

This is quite intimidating for me, as I have not “grown up” in the fitness field/as a serious athelete, so I feel like I’m starting from ground zero. Any advice anyone has to offer would be greatly appreciated. I also have an interest in studying nutrition, but my boyfriend tells me I need to take it one step at a time 🙂 I tend to overwhelm myself quite easily.        


My intention with this blog is to join the wonderful world of blogging, which I had completely dismissed until I had started doing some research on clean eating, and stumbled upon Emily Eats Clean. A few other blogs I love include Meals and Moves, A Foodie Stays Fit and The Front Burner. As many of you already have, I’ve also found so much inspiration and fabulous ideas to continue eating clean and pursuing a healthy lifestyle… all while thoroughly enjoying myself 🙂           

A few other tid-bits I’d like to share:           

  • While I’ve supplemented my own nutritional knowledge with Tosca Reno’s “Eat Clean Diet”, my concept and love for healthy, whole foods has grown, through all the wonderful health and fitness blogs that I’ve read.  While I’m not a vegetarian, nor a vegan, I have plenty of respect for both. I have similar eating practices, but try not to put too many restrictions on myself. Because I tend to become a little obsessive over things (as my mother likes to tell me), I don’t follow the clean eating diet to a “T”  b/c I don’t want to become obsessive over my food intake in an unhealthy way, which I’ve been known to do in the past.
  • I do not eat four-legged animals. I have Skinny Bitch to thank for this practice. I have great respect for Michael Pollan and those that are working tirelessly to uncover and educate our country regarding the monopolization of our food industry and the mistreatment of the animals produced as food in America. If I do buy meat, I go out of my way to assure the animal was humanely treated — cage free, no antibiotics, no nitrates, grass fed, etc.
  • I’ve been addicted to sweets for-ev-er. Absolutely in the running for my favorite thing on earth.        


Chowing down on cheesecake spring rolls

My sister Hilary and me grabbing some ice cream after a night out in NYC

  •   I’ve decided my favorite thing to do aside from eating good food with friends and family, is food shopping at a great farmers’ market or natural food store. Believe it or not, I used to love shopping in conventional grocery stores, but now I have difficult time — unless we’re talking Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s — not so conventional. 😉

Reverting back to childhood at a farm outside of Philly
  •  Lastly, I have a fabulous life with wonderful family, friends and an equally wonderful boyfriend (does he count as friends and/or family?). Oh, and I have a handsome Rottweiler named King that doesn’t know how to sleep on one side of  the bed 🙂

Fabulous family – my sisters, also my best friends


Fabulous Boyfriend

King sleeping on his bed... aka my bed.

Thanks for stopping by simply fit. simply clean.         

 Feel free to comment and happy reading!       

xoxo – Clean Kisses – xoxo   





9 responses to “simply natalie

  1. Hilary

    Awesome! Can’t wait to read more 🙂 You almost inspire me to start eating clean…don’t get excited I said almost

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  3. Hey there,
    I’m a new health and fitness blogger living in Philly too! I love the site – that’s so cool that your mom owns a cooking school!

    • Hi Joslyn!

      I lucked out w/ being born into a foodie family! I had a few moments to glance at your blog and I just love it! What a wonderful design. I just may have a new blog obsession 😉 Looking forward to taking some time and reading through.

      You’ll be hearing from me!

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  5. I’m glad you found my blog – loving on yours! Can’t wait to read more!

  6. Your birthday celebration photo is perfect for this page. Love it and looking forward to getting to know you better =)

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