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simply fit. simply clean. simply experience.

As individuals, we all grow through new experiences.

As a result, I have chosen to set new goals for myself. Just like many of you, I am a working professional who is tackling graduate school, but feel amidst my crazy life, I want to do more for myself through a holistic approach. I’ve never been great about challenging myself. It’s much simpler for me to take on what I know can accomplish with some ease. Fortunately, through self awareness I’ve built my confidence level and I’m certain that I’m capable of the challenges I choose to take on, whether they include fitness, or otherwise. For this reason, I have chosen several challenges to pursue in the coming months. If you decide to join me on any of these journeys, in whatever way possible for you, together we can choose to grow and strengthen our minds and bodies through these new fitness challenges and experiences. Please follow me on my fitness journey and enjoy the ride, as I expect it will be a thrilling one! I hope to have support from my established network of loved ones, as well as new friends — you!

Experience Yoga: My 8 week journey with my best friend Laura, learning the ins and outs of beginner yoga, in order to establish a strong foundation in this field.

Experience Bikram: My first class of Bikram yoga (hot yoga) in October. Let’s see who’s brave enough to join me!

Experience Boxing: My goal to empower myself through learning boxing techniques. Jab!

Experience 5k: Run and train for my first 5k! Beginner stuff for many of you, but certainly not for all.

Experience Climbing: Learning to rock climb from my own personal teacher, Miguel.

Experience Personal Training: Studying and experimenting to train for my personal training certification. Ahh!

Experience Pilates:  Working with my close friend Zara, a certified pilates instructor & law school student, to understand and educate myself regarding this wonderful form of empowerment. She’s strict!

As I start each journey, I will write about my experiences and link them to this page. If you have any recommendations or suggestions, please feel free to comment and enlighten! Not only would I be thrilled to hear your feedback/thoughts, but to learn from your experiences as well. simply experience.

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