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How to Enjoy Homemade Soup (without making it yourself)


Step 1: Find a boyfriend that cooks. Preferably one that belongs to a food club; this way you know he’s not a sham.

Step 2: Buy him a fabulous birthday gift, but make him work for it first. Scavenger hunt, anyone?

Looking high…

…looking low.

After a search through every room in the house, he went back through, stumbled upon a crazy Fourth of July hat, and managed to use his Mensa brain to uncover a strategically placed…

Pillowsac! Disappointed? I would be too. Miguel wasn’t. Good thing it’s his birthday and not ours.

Step 4: Spectate has he proceeds with the laborious process of removing a bean bag the size of a full size bed out of a package the size of a duffel bag on his birthday. Don’t judge. I had a good view. Now you do too.

Step 5: Sing “Happy Birthday” prior to forcing him to blow out fake candles.

Step 6: Lastly, take the birthday boy out for an all-you-can-eat sushi buffet! Attempt to pace yourself. Give up hope at pacing him.

(Please excuse the forehead scars. Blame rugby.)

Step 7: Do as your boyfriend says when he reminds you by saying, “Don’t you want to take pictures of this for your blog?”

Chicken, mushroom & kale soup ala Miguel

Chop shiitake and button mushrooms, as well as kale and red onion. Unfortunately (or fortunately), we don’t measure anything when we cook. By “we”, I mean Miguel, since he did all the dirty work in this case.

 Saute in olive oil. Add chicken (if you desire), wild rice and chicken or vegetable broth.

 Add spices to taste: garlic, onion, sea salt, white pepper and coriander.

Recognize a job well done, while clothed in the best t-shirt you own. This will be posted on the blog after all.

Play with puppy.

Enjoy soup with whole wheat roll after simmering for about 30 minutes.

The soup was delicious, as one can likely imagine. I promise to have more thorough instructions on recipes in the future.

Oh, yes. And wish the chef a very happy birthday!


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